This company is the result of a thirty year’s great friendship between its members. Very young, we were already sharing this passion to produce objects with our own hands, our first achievements were childish but since our experience, our manufacturing and development tools has evolved tremendously and our passion remained intact.

After years of professional experience in the fields of industry, as responsible for engineering and design department and sales manager, senior technician in electronics, specialist in programming and IT integration, our team is able today to imagine, draw and design high quality products.

These range from CNC manufacturing (digital milling machine) to 3D printer and include digital equatorial table, telescopes and accessories for astronomy which remains our first passion.

 The chance to look through a telescope eyepiece, we had it while building our first 400 mm Dobson about 10 years ago. Since then, we are continuously improving our methods of drawings, models, material uses such as aluminum, steel, wood, carbon and stainless steel to offer today unique, 100 % artisan products imagined and designed in our workshop located in France.

 The electronics and design of automated systems is our common original training, our electronic cards are designed in our workshop, computer programs developed in our workshop. This allows us reliability, precision and custom manufacturing of the highest quality, our aluminums are anodized internally, allowing to choose the color and design that suit you!


We can also help you if you are starting an in-house manufacturing! We can advise you, process you workpieces, make you plans …


 Feel free to contact us, we will answer all your questions.