Equatorial Platform

Table équatoriale

TE400 et TE600

Our tables have specifications still unique today.

Their features are new, their steel structures, their electronic and operating mode make it the most efficient equatorial platform on the market today.

Four years of research and testing have been required for their design to ensure durability and irreproachable accuracy.

Specially designed for astrophotography with Dobson up to 16″ mirror for the TE400 table and up to 24″ for the TE600 table.

Their digital controls coupled to their stepper motors equipped with a planetary gear, allow a tracking up to 1h10 and getting the original configuration in a few seconds.




Table équatoriale


ST4 compatible, when connected to your self-tracking software and coupled to a Deep-Astro motorized Dobson, it will allow you to take pictures with an error lower than 4 arc seconds.

For the astro drawing artists, it’s also an ideal tracking solution.







Technical Features:


  • Tracking up to 1h15 maximum
  • Resolution by micro-stepping motor 0.1 arc second
  • Periodic Error 4 arc/sec to 110s
  • Central Latitude 45 ° (other range on request)
  • Set-up simplified with settings for altitude; 45 ° ± 5 ° and ± 2.5 ° Azimute (other range on request)
  • Maximum load 80 kg
  • Maximum return speed originally 250 x sidereal speed
  • 3 tracking speeds; sidereal, lunar and solar
  • Working in northern and southern hemispheres
  • Motorisation by POLY-V belts, stepper motors equipped with a planetary gear
  • External power from 8-15VDC, 2.5A
  • Consumption max 2A
  • Stainless steel screws and all aluminum parts are anodized
  • Electronique certified ROHS
  • Display on red LEDs
  • A push button for each function group


Interface divided in 3 independent groups :



télécommande numérique 2

  • Single :
  • Auto-guide
  • Speed

And two operating modes :

Auto   (After 1h10 tracking, the platform  reaches WEST and then returns EAST and keeps tracking).  

Single (After 1h10 tracking,the platform reaches WEST then it stops).

Self-tracking on ST4 interface :

Table équatoriale
  • 3 self-tracking speeds: 1x 0,75x 0.5x
  • Deferral of self-tracking in declination on the electronic altitude or azimuth piloting our telescopes.
  • Engine management by ATMEL ATmega164 microcontroller set to run at 20 MHz (20 million instructions/sec).
  • Tropicalized printed circuit board.
  • Operating temperature: -20°C +60°C
  • Aesthetic and solid control box anodized aluminum and removable.
  • Protection against reverse voltages
  • Accurate set-up possible, with reticulated polar finder (optional).

viseur polaire pour table équatoriale






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