Classical Dobson

dobson 400 600

TDCM 400-500-600


Specifically designed to be transported and installed easily, the Deep-Astro instruments ensure accuracy and high quality robustness, the materials used have been chosen for their rigidity and treatments that have been processed in order to ensure longer life and resistance to the carriage and use conditions.

Indeed, the main structure of steel, welded and protected against corrosion and the epoxy paint at cold colorize and protect them all.
The aluminum parts are cut by digital milling machine ensuring high precision assemblies, they receive an anodizing making them more resistant and allowing to provide various colors for very elegant finishes and original customizations.

The Classic range has been specially designed to perform astrophotography, its propulsion system is unique. Coupled with our equatorial platform this set averages the performance of a classic mount (see specifications).

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Technical Features:


  • Stainless steel screws and all aluminum parts are anodized with color
  • Birch wood digitally cut then painted and protected by a marine varnish
  • Our aluminum parts are embedded in the wood
  • Movement speeds (0,5x sidereal speed, 1x, up to, 800x)
  • Engine 705
  • Resolution 0,072 arc second (18048000 steps / revolution)
  • Motorization with belts, stepper engine equipped with a planetary gear
  • 18-point barrel, optimized according to the desired deformation profile, and defined by the nature and thickness of the primary mirror
  • Stainless steel tyre tread on ball bearings
  • Tube locksmith on kneecaps to clip for quick installation and high rigidity
  • Positioning the rocker on its base by three walrus cones
  • Rocker compatible with the TE400 and TE600 tables, version walrus cones, allowing to replace the base of the telescope (altitude increased)
  • Easy and secured fixing for secondary mirror, lock with only one screw
  • Collimation screws of primary motorized by two stepper motors
  • Collimating resolution 1/10000 turn of the screw, or 0,1 µm
  • Support side of the primary mirror of 4 astatic points
  • Ventilation of the primary mirror by three 80mm fans for a quick warm-up
  • Removable dowels
  • Protection against reverse voltages
  • Fuse protection
  • Operating temperature: -20°C +60°C
  • Self-tracking compatible ST4 interface
  • Tropicalized printed circuit board
  • Electronics certified by ROHS
  • Consumption max. 3A
  • External power from 8Vdc to 15Vdc, 4A
  • 3 tracking speeds; sidereal, lunar and solar
  • 3 self-tracking speeds: 1x 0.75x and 0.5x



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